JuMo Eyewear was founded by a career optician of 4o years that practiced in the USA and began his training in 1976 when eyewear production was a much different animal.

At that time Japanese eyewear was poor quality and in North America companies like Tart, May, Shuron, Art Craft, B&L, and the Euro companies ran the show.

JuMo Eyewear is an American company and we are scheduling our US production debut for 2019 and we're  based in the worlds Mecca for eyewear, China.

Founder Justin Montgomery has sourced eyewear products throughout Asia since 2001 and has blended his career as an optician with design, hand crafting, production, and has made custom eyewear for private clients since 1998 by hand himself from metals & horn.

Justin has also blended in his 8 years of lost wax casting & jewelry experience and we are one of the very few that are capable of custom designed one offs built in solid gold with as many diamonds and rubies you can afford.  Silver is on the menu also!

If you know anything about jewelry design, we're running Matrix so as far as design programs and abilities that is as good as it gets.  What we can create in the jewelry class is unlimited.

Specialized & Injury Eyewear Products

Our products range goes into a much needed niche and that is rapid design and creation of more medically related devices for ptosis crutching, injury eyeglasses that don't rest on nose or ears, near vision aids, and more.

MD offices get 1 on 1 design work & consultation with our pro optician who has designed and made custom ptosis crutch and injury systems since the mid 90s working directly with his areas premier Ophthalmology Center.

As for eye candy, runway, theatrical items, and more, we are your kind of company if you like it wild!

DJ Electric Panda Flashing LED specs with Rx Sun Tint 1,61


338 3rd Floor Guanwen Rd.

Wen Tong, Dongcheng District

Dongguan City

Guangdong Province, 523121


86+769-2311-2851 (Facility)

86+18122928548 (Justin Direct Cn Mobile)

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