Cool Swag  , Accessories, Color Charts, & More!

We create all sorts of cool stuff in Horn, Wood, Bone, and more!

Ear Plugs, Boxes, Monocles, Rings, Folding Readers, Pocket Readers, Etc


We are ready to bring your ideas to life with custom creations of your own design!


Acetate Colors

There are thousands!  We have 250 colors in stock.  What color do you want? 


Do you want layers of colors we can cut back the plastic to reveal.

Take some time and decide a great plastic color, it may be already made!

This material is derived from cotton cellulose and comes in a few classes or types.

The newest is High Density Acetate, it can be gotten much thinner.

High Definition Acetate with more intense and defined color.

And good old standard that has been around since mid 90s. 

Visit Sites of the producers of this material!

Let us know what you like!

Horn Colors

Horn is a true luxury material and each and every piece is different in color.  These warm natural tones are simply beautiful!

We have Indian Water Buffalo, and Asian Goat Horn in stock!

A lot can be done with horn such as laser engraving, dying, inlay, and More!

Carbon Fiber & Colors

The more we work with this great material, the more possibilities we are seeing.

Follow Our "Carbon Fiber Project" if you are a fan of this amazing material, see what is coming soon!

There's a lot of colors and they can be painted to add more color. 

We will get pics up ASAP!  There are dozens of colors!

Nylon Sheet Colors

There are lots of great colors like mirror effect colors that make great styles!

This is a great material for CUSTOM for sure!

Stay tuned to our "Nylo Project"  It should be really fun!

Adornment Materials

Oh boy, this gets nuts but there are countless items we can add to your piece such as stones, inlays, and much more.  Give the fish leather a look.  Way cool.

Our Endo Exo Collection features Abalone, Wood, Horn, and other natural material pucks in the  temples!

Rx Lens Colors

We are like your local optical shop and we can tint any color!

See more lens info on lens page!

Contact us if there is an item you need designed and built, we may be able to help at low costs.

We have created specialized devices for M.D.s and Ocular Doctors

and have created "injury" eyewear designs for ear injury, nose injury, etc.

Contact Justin, his 4 decades of opticianry comes in handy here!


338 3rd Floor Guanwen Rd.

Wen Tong, Dongcheng District

Dongguan City

Guangdong Province, 523121


86+769-2311-2851 (Facility)

86+18122928548 (Justin Direct Cn Mobile)

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