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Bespoke Eyewear

Step 1

Start your masterpiece by selecting a material you want!  See Material Selections below!


Sending us your Rx for lenses, and PD or Pupil Distance (taken by optician or doctor) on form you should get with exam will help for us to recommend both lenses and frame thicknesses at final outcome.

If you have a higher Rx we typically advise a thinner lens type and we may modify your design to hide the lens to look even better!

The PD is used to size everything to your sizes!  So we need this in "Step 3".

Submit PD & Rx first if you can!   If High Rx we will make frame to hide lens thickness, and create a better looking pair of glasses by doing so.

We will need this if we do bifocals or PAL (Progressive Addition Lenses)

please visit Bi, Tri, & PAL section on "Lenses" page!

This is your lens choices use in lens selection!

Material Selections

We create in;

Acetate Plastic

Most common plastic used in better quality eyewear, not mold injected, used in "hand made" eyewear pieces, and comes from cotton cellulose.


High Density Acetate Plastic

This is the "new" better acetate in the industry.  It is compacted and made harder than typical acetate plastic. 

This opens some new design possibilities!!!


Natural & Sustainable Materials

Cartier and many other luxury names have used horn, wood, and many other "natural" materials for decades.  

We do as well, and we offer them at a less "luxury" price, and in a comparable quality.

Carbon Fiber

I love this stuff!  My sunglasses are a carbon fiber design and they are light, strong, flexible if designed properly, and come in many colors these days.


Light, flexible, thin, but not in as many colors as acetate.  They do come in mirror finish which is quite cool.

This is a great example of what we can modify for perfect fitting eyewear.

Custom design "Rey Rey" with handmade 1of 1 Bespoke Wood Box.

Wood box with "circle dragons" laser engrave on the box lid.

This piece has a very special "Asian" style bridge build up and you can see it if you look closely.

Bespoke Eyewear

Step 2


If you have an idea of what you are after, tell us or show us in an image.

If you want to look through our online portfolio, click below!

If you have no idea of what you may want, or lead eyewear designer, who just happens to be an optician of 35+ years, will begin your free online fitting.   For this just send a nice straight head shot/picture to Justin himself.

We will submit 3 free shapes that we design in CAD design, then Photoshop onto the image you submit!

Bespoke Eyewear

Step 3

Once we have the desired shape we then size to your size.  For this we need your PD that is taken when you get an eye exam.   If its on your Rx form, great. if not you can measure yourself with a mirror and a ruler that has a millimeter gauge!  This is fine for sizing the frame but best to have a pro do this for your lenses!

Measure PD Click Here!



Pass us the PD then we size your image according to the PD in the actual design page.

We then send you a jpg of 3 sizes as a "1st" draft.  If a size works for you just tell us which one you like.

If you want larger or smaller than on 1st draft, we fine tune with a second.

Once a size is determined we are ready to cut the piece and get it into production.


We do have several hinge options as well as construction options, and "adornment" options or

BLING you  you can add to your style.

Accessories round out any eyewear package to make it even more special and we can

build kit boxes that all your items come in! 


These are listed on our "Cool Misc." page.

Click to ENTER 

 After your hinges, bling, and accessories are decided, we design them into the main cut of your masterpiece,


THEN WE CUT ALL YOUR GOODIES, and we start building them.  Cool right?  We can even make video's of your piece going thru each process, how special is the?

Perfect for the person you though has everything!

Gift Certificates Available!

Well folks, If you like unique gift ideas or something special for yourself, we may have something for you!

Besides eyewear we create a long list of accessories we have stock and a longer list that we can make.

You can combine any you like in a complete eyewear package or purchase accessories by themselves.


No eyeglasses purchase required. 

The Holiday Seasons are right around the corner, and much is ready to ship, you'll have it in about 5 business days!


Monocles. Folding Readers, Clip On Shades, Rings, Key chains, 


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