1. Provide a greater level of true "eye care" to the online Rx sector.

We are founded and structured by a 39+ year veteran optician from America that began in his uncles humble mom and pop shop at the age of 11, and has been taught that first and foremost is that quality of VISION is the single most important aspect of any pair of glasses.  Sure, you want to look good and that brings us to #2.

2. Provide a greater selection.

We have the widest selection in the world as we are one of the worlds few creators of custom one off eyewear.  We can create for fashion, medically related need, safety & occupational, reading aids and more.  Whats great about the services/products we are capable of providing is it comes from "real" experience in eye care, not just frame knowledge.  We can actually create your eyeglasses or reading aid to the needs of your Rx lenses and we do so often for higher, more difficult corrections.  We do create "injury" eyewear that is designed for your injury and can design and complete a special piece "NOW" when you need it most.

3. Pro Active Approach

Justin feels that sight is the most important sense we have and is passionate about prevention of and aiding deficiencies/injuries we humans suffer.  T.E.D., our Traveling Eye Doctor, is designed for simple issues such as myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, double vision, cataract aids, and other issues a prescription lens can solve or aid. 

Prevention of deficiencies can start now with no purchase at all and we will donate a percent of all purchases to Helen Keller International's efforts in eliminating Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD) and the #1 cause of childhood blindness which effects near 200 Million children worldwide.

4. Transparency

On top of 39 years working for both large chains, private M.D. & O.D. practices, lens labs and more, Justin has been sourcing and/or producing in Mainland China since 2001 where 70% of all eyeglasses and lenses are actually made.

Many eyeglasses labeled "Made In Italy, Japan, USA," etc are merely assembled in those countries at most, which means the arms are attached to the front by screw in that country while all the pieces are made and sent from China.

This has been going on for years and what you think is an EU or US made product may not be and most often are not.  It is perfectly legal but still a bit shifty.

We bring a greater level of transparency to the industry and you can even contact the person that designs your frame, manages the production of your frame, and the processing of your prescription lenses.  

We clarify lens technology so you understand what you are wearing and why it is best for you.  This of course is overseen by our pro optician through all steps.

5. Bring Eyeglasses Production Back To America!!!

Justin has designed eyewear specifically to be capable of being constructed in a more simplistic manner that requires less skills to produce as well as less electricity.  Endo Exo Eyewear is a perfect example and will be the first line to enter US production.

For more info on this Brand of unique eyewear please visit our Indiegogo campaign page and see how this product benefits both the wearer and our ecosystem.  

Our stock and custom/bespoke eyewear is backed with a factory warranty and

we will replace or service the product we build as long as you have your piece, so don't lose it!


You will own it for a lifetime!

We welcome you to take advantage of discounts up to 75% off the prices shown on this website via our upcoming crowdfunding campaign!

50/50 Brand  Model - Wrapman - Horn temple/Acetate front


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