Welcome to our IGG dedicated page explaining what all you have as options with

and the many other products we currently build & design in our own workshop that we hope to relocate to the US in 2019

Our first company goal is to begin competing here!


We will be adding "Custom/Bespoke" services that the others DO NOT!

Help us bring something truly special to the industry and to those that wear eyeglasses or like cool shades!

This sit is under construction! 


Your support will refine our site, services, and launch something very special.

All products currently on this site were made by us!

We are craftspeople and JuMo will put some great things at your fingertips.

Visit the "Design Club" page at tab above, see what all we can make besides eyeglasses.

This page gets you directly to the 2D design specs, many of these shapes are ready to ship and you will get your stock product sooner than dates shown on our campaign in most cases.

This site is supported with Stripe Credit card services for purchases, we're not so far from competing with the big boys!

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Straight to Endo Exo Designs

See specs on all Endo Exo designs A-Z




Typical Online Companies

Why & How we differ.

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What Lens



See Lens Level Perks & find out what is best!


For more info on perks, the packaging, and what all we can make for you go to our perks page or Design Club Tab!

If you're getting a certificate with something besides eyewear in mind the perks page will give you some ideas!

Do not hesitate to contact Justin directly about anything you have in mind!







DJ Electric Panda Flashing LED

Theatrical Rx Eyewear Design

We want to hear from YOU as our business model is about YOU.  Not some designers ideas about what everyone wants or should be wearing. 


This goes beyond eyewear as there are countless items our machinery can build in as little as 3 days.

Our facility is set up for custom and that is the main difference between JuMo and all other eyewear companies.

We allow you to start your own trend rather than to follow someone else's!

What can we build for you?



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