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EE Plastic

EE Horn


Tool Box for Kit!

Our box for the tool kit/frame package box is recycled Polypropylene (PP) and we chose this because it will float.  Endo Exo is an "outdoor activity" type of product in that one can easily repair/replace, this box goes well with that in mind.

Full Monty Gift Box

The Full Monty and other custom get a recycled "Paperboard" fold down box that folds flat just like our eyeglasses casses!  This box holds the tool kit, frame, fold frame case, and some accessories.

Endo Exo Design Portfolio

Currently listed are 52 Endo Exo shapes in CAD design showing dimensions. 

New styles are coming soon!

If you don't see the shape you're after don't forget we do custom!

Get a Certificate at the $250 Level  We will customize an Endo Exo just for you.

Most Endo Exo's are half frames to allow for several lens shape but we can build a full rim frame for you at the $250 Certificate Level.

We can make any "half frame" into a full rim frame (best for kids) or vise versa.


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