Virtual Try On

A virtual try on module is coming soon and at the top of our list in upcoming services.

We are working on what we call "Virtual Design" where you first select with the try on, then you fine tune the size proportions and lens shape just for you, then we make it!


but till then what we do is use good old Photoshop + Autocad.

Simply email us your picture and we will render the design onto your image then send it back for approval.  

We'll send a few other images picked by our pro optician as well.

Below is a typical lens Rx and what we need to make you prescription lenses.

Simply send us your power with "far" pupil distance (PD) shown in red and for reading a Near PD.

These coatings are already on all lens product we handle

Near (reading/close) PD

Distance "far"  PD

Send to optician's attention!


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