Welcome to our IGG landing page!

This is a very special project and supporting it will do some great things!

1.  Bring the markets eyewear products that are designed to cut carbon emissions of producing eyewear!  Endo Exo helps our environment!

2.  Bring production & jobs back to America FROM China!


If you like supporting true craftspeople rather than the mega producers this is a chance to do just that.

A successful Endo Exo campaign will bring backers/eyewear buyers better prices in the industry on frames, lens products

and greater selection that includes "affordable" bespoke/custom

all delivered with a higher level of detail and eye care professionalism

with much of this frame production & lens processing

taking place in America.

Our lead member/founder is a true spex & lens guru with nearly 40 years as an optician.

This site shows some of what we have developed over the last few years and our direction as a company.

There are 2 people behind the creation of all our designs that are on this site, 1 being Justin who designs, machines/operates cnc for route of initial pieces, etc, and his frame master Mr Lee.

Nothing short of eyewear artists!


We're ready to take this up a few notches, with your help we will.

Our initial company goal is


Our innovative products have what it takes to get there.

Thank you for your support on our Endo Exo Brand

We are confident you'll love the product


and if you don't we will let you pick something else from our vast collection of designs.

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Straight to Endo Exo Designs

See specs on all Endo Exo designs A-Z

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What Lens



See Lens Level Perks & find out what is best!



Typical Online Companies

Why & How we differ.






DJ Electric Panda Flashing LED

Theatrical Rx Eyewear Design

We want to hear from YOU as our business model is about YOU.  Not some designers ideas about what everyone wants or should be wearing. 


This goes beyond eyewear as there are countless items our machinery can build in as little as 3 days.

Our facility is set up for custom and that is the main difference between JuMo and all other eyewear companies.

We allow you to start your own trend rather than to follow someone else's!

What can we build for you?



338 3rd Floor Guanwen Rd.

Wen Tong, Dongcheng District

Dongguan City

Guangdong Province, 523121


86+769-2311-2851 (Facility)

86+18122928548 (Justin Direct Cn Mobile)

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