Lens Perks

This page explains the IGG lens perks and informs our backers of exactly what is available, just like a quality optical shop.

If there is an upgrade you would like to make not shown please contact us.  Our lens labs can do just about anything although we are not doing glass lenses.  Safety first, no glass!

For kids avoid polycarbonate in general which we don't handle because its terrible optics and lens attributes. We use the new 1.56 Hi Vex ONLY with kids packages.

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Level 1 Lenses

All frames shipped will come with a "Level 1" lens of choice!

1.  Rx 1.56 Hi Impact (Hi Vex) W/UV A&B Filtration, Anti Reflective Coat

2.  Non Rx1.56 Hi Impact (Hi Vex) W/HEV Blue Cut, UV A&B Filtration, Anti Reflective Coat

3.  Demo Lenses with Endo Exo Label  -- Take to your optician for lenses.

4.  Polarized Sun Lenses in 3 colors - G15,Grey, Brown

5.  Nylon Non Polarized Sun Lens in 3 colors - G15,Grey, Brown

6.  Clear Plano (no Rx) Nylon Lenses, no Endo Exo Label - Wear as fashion "cheaters" only or eye protection as Nylon has great high impact qualities.

1.56 Mid Index material will handle powers to around -4.00 depending on if you have correction for astigmatism as well, and how much/at what axis.

We put all Rx work through our "opticians department" so if you have a power that may need a higher index/thinner lens we will contact you for consultation and additional "vertical measurement" required for best vision.

If you prefer to have your optical shop mount lenses we will ship with the Endo Exo demo lenses they need as a template to cut lenses.

Level 2 Lens Certificate Options

1. 1.61 Mr-8 High Index - Suitable for powers up to -5.00
2. 1.56 Hi Vex Blue Cut - HEV protection on 1.56 Mid Index material suitable for powers up to 4.00
3. 1.56 Polarized in 3 colors suitable for powers up to -4.00

Level 3 Lens Certificate Options

1.  1.67 High Index, UV A/B Filtration, AR coating and suitable for powers up to -8.00 DEPENDING ON FRAME SIZE!
2.  1.61 MR-8 High Index Blue Cut,  UV A/B Filtration, AR coating suitable for powers up to -6.00
3.  1.61 Polarized, suitable for powers up to -6.00


Level 4 Lens Certificate Options

1.  1.74 Ultra High Index

2.  1.67 Polarized Sun Lenses

1. 1.74 Ultra High Index Prescription Package ($300-$600+ in retail optical)

If you have an Rx of above -6.00 this is the thinnest "mainstream" ultra thin lens product sold.  There is a relatively new 1.86 index, and it is extremely expensive. 

If you are in what we consider a high power range (+5.00 to -4.00 and up) we will contact you for consultation just like at an optical shop.  With higher Rx it is beneficial to take a simple "vertical measurement" depending on how the frame sits.

This places the lenses "optical center" in front of pupils where it should be for proper, comfortable vision.

You will need to submit an image of you for this so we can take the CAD file of the frame you select and see where it will sit on you.  Pretty simple really, fear not!

This is one of the many services that we will offer that takes ordering Rx eyewear online to another level, or two.

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