Justin Montgomery Eyewear is actively looking for investors and/or partnering.

Our company goals are large however well within reach, with your help.

Initial "Online Sales" Goal


Phase 2 of our business plan includes wholesales of higher end US produced product to the worlds finer retails.

Phase 3 includes optical retails.  Its a large plan designed to fill some big niches that the industry is currently lacking and we are focusing "Internationally" not US national only.

We have a very fine tuned business plan that will change the "online Rx eyewear" playing field that is based off Justin's years working for Luxottica's Lens Crafters, Pearl Vision Centers, as well as small independent higher quality doctors (O.D./M.D.) practices Justin has worked for.

This plan will;

bring eyewear production back to America to some degree.

bring "real" transparency to eyewear products.

engage in the developing custom/bespoke markets.

help underprivileged people that are suffering from visually related issues.

bring the highest quality frames & lenses at the best prices to the table.

Justin has been sourcing materials, lenses, machines, and more in China since 2001

75% of all optical lenses & 70% of all frame products are made in China currently.

All the big frame and lens brands purchase from China factories or have their own here.

A fact in production is the majority is never going to come back to America however

specific products are perfect for US production as US made is becoming more popular

in many leading countries, 1 main market being China.

To discuss investing in this winning plan contact Justin directly at


To learn more about the International Expo's (which we will be attending), the leading higher end product lines NOT owned by Luxottica or Safilo (worlds 2 largest) please visit a great site with a wealth of information.


Visit their "Collections" page, we will be there very soon!


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