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Ever wonder why lenses at an optical shop are so expensive? 

Where they are made? 

How they are made? 

What lens is best for your lens prescription?

This is were we shed some light for insight!

Visit the "Lens Story" at the bottom and learn more about this product and industry.

Lenses are where we excel above other online providers and where our pro opticians are ready for your questions about what is the best lens for you.

Contact us directly!


For all kids packages we are using 1.56 High Impact because it is safe and has much better optics than polycarbonate.

1.56 High Impact is one of the latest advances in lens tech

It is available with HEV Blue Light Protection/Filtering

Please read the information below about harmful blue light, it is a

growing and serious issue!

Free Lenses

Your JuMo Eyewear comes with free lenses however if your correction is higher power we recommend a lens upgrade to a "thinner" type of material. 


We offer these lenses at a fraction of an optical shop.

Free Lenses Per Package

We go an extra step here and when you get a higher end product, you get a higher end lens!

Budget Package - Free 1.56, UV A/B Filtration, Hydrophobic AR Coating or 1.50 Hydrophobic AR Coating, no UV A/B

Plastic Mid End Package ($100 - $239) - Include free 1.60 and 1.56 High Impact with or without Blue protect, Hydrophobic AR, UV A/B block

Basic Design Package ($239 - $300) - Include free 1.67

Buffalo Horn Package ($239 - $450) - Include free 1.67 and 1.61 Hi Impact

Premium Custom design Package ($500 - $UP) - Include free 1.74 Ultra Thin

Under Construction!!!!!!!

CR-39 1.50 Plastic

This is old school plastic and developed by PPG USA in the 1960's.  It has great optics and high abbe value but not good for impact resistant qualities though better than glass.  It can chip, if hit with a rock hard enough it can break!

If your power falls into the range of from +1.50 to -1.50 Sph with Cyl of -1.00 max its fine.  For kids and adults who are rough on lenses we recommend the high impact 1.56 or 1.61 materials.

1.56 Mid Index

Slightly thinner than CR-39 with the basic older 1.56 material being like cr-39 chip/breakage wise.

1.56 is suitable for powers +2.00 to -3.00 with Cylinder (CYL) of about -1.00

1.56 can chip if dropped and the edge of the lens hits a hard surface.  If you are rough or this is for kids choose the next product!

1.56 Hi Vex/High Impact Lens

The NEW Hi Vex High Impact lens is a great product!  Upgrade to that if possible.

If your power falls into +2.00 to -3.00 Sph with Cyl of -1.00 this lens is usually fine.  If you are going into an oversized frame design, the next 1.60/1.61 Index lens will be thinner!

1.61 Mid Index MR-8

Great optics and excellent lens attributes!  Seiko made this material very popular in the 1990s.

Suitable for powers +4.00 to -6.00 depending on frame size!


High Impact

HEV Blue Cut

High Impact - Hev Blue Cut

Sun Change Lens                                                                                        

1.67 High Index

If you are in a higher power of +6.00 to -8.00 this is a good choice and a great price as it is old tech that came out in the 90s.  It's a great material and the most commonly used "ultra high" index plastic.

NOTE:  If you are in a high power try to keep the size of frame small as possible!  We can build the perfect size in custom!

1.74 Ultra High Index

1.74 came out around the early 2000s.  Its not new but it is still very expensive in retails.

If you are in higher Rx we will contact you!


The lens story

This is like frames in most ways. 

YOU ARE PAYING FOR MAINLY THE BRAND NAME when you buy from an optical shop!


​ALL the top lens brands produce the majority of their lenses in China.


Often a lens will be ground to Rx in a US lab however the blank for this is cast in China usually, sometimes Korea.


All big names use Chinese producers or have their own facilities in Mainland China.


Approximately 75% of all single vision lenses are made in China, the other leading lens producing nation is South Korea. 


The newest resins for these materials are usually developed by the leaders in this tech.

Mitsui Plastics of Japan.

Japan invents the resin, the tech first spreads to Korea where they make most of the resin for casting the lenses, companies in China buy most of that resin from Korea & Japan.


Casting is a simple process where the liquid resin is poured between 2 glass disks that have curvature for the prescription.  These 2 glass mold parts are placed in a rubber bezel and the liquid resin is injected into the mold.

After that it goes through a curing process.

After that the lenses are removed and then coated typically.







Lens Coatings & Treatments

Top brands usually develop the newest coatings or lens varieties and when new, they can be spendy. 


Most of the newest tech over the last 5 years is “mainstream” already and you can get the same coat and product for less unbranded.  Much less.  75% less in most cases.

The new 1.86 High Index “Thinnest Plastic Lens In The World” is one that is not mainstream and a great choice if you are -10.00 or above in Rx power.

Free Form Progressive Lenses

The latest tech in invisible multifocal lenses is free form generation and this is already mainstream. 


We will be offering this lens as we develop our online measurement system!

DO NOT HESITATE to ask our pro about your prescription!  Justin has worked with these products all his life and is a wealth of "optical" info!


HEV Blue Light

High Energy Blue light comes from the sun and unnatural light sources including hand held devices, tv's, computer monitors, etc.

See what Harvard research found!


Fact to the matter is OVEREXPOSURE is unsafe however blue light comes from the sun and in the daytime it is actually natural, normal, and healthy. 

At night its not!

Many eye doctors now recommend 2 pairs, 1 for the day with no blue block, and 1 for the night with!

Note From Justin:

I have been using this lens in my own optical shop in China and people tell me what they notice.  What they notice is an improvement in sleep patterns, mainly not tossing and turning so much, falling asleep faster, and feeling more rested when they wake.  That is all very positive in my book so I do recommend this lens though I recommend its use after dark, especially for kids.

If you have a more difficult Rx you are in good hands.

Email Justin any questions concerning your Rx you have,

his 35 years as an optician in the US will benefit as he is a true lens pro,

long before the days of design!



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