Hardware Insurance Packages

If you wear Rx in any of the more expensive lens varieties the personal or family plan may be perfect for you and it will save you significant amounts of money.

Typical insurance policies will do nothing if you lose or break you eyeglasses, our company insurance will and it will resolve anything quickly.

Your optical shop that submits your insurance gets their products from companies like ours that produce these products.  We simply bring you direct to the source and mark up is much lower with us than in an optical retail.

2019 will include JuMo Eyewear partnering with Zeiss and you may want to go into your optical retail that handles Zeiss lenses and see what they charge. 

You will be getting the worlds best lens brand at a fraction of retails costs!

If you own a small business we do have options for you to offer hardware to your employees.  They may work directly with our staff.

How Plans Work

Recipient must get eye exam from Dr. and submit to us, pick frame and lenses, we make and ship.

Plan A "Family Plan" is for 5 individual at 1 pair of frames & lenses per year in any frame or lens style.  Zeiss is not included with family plan.  Our lenses designs come very close to Zeiss quality or match.  All lenses have a 2 year warranty!

Plan B "Personal Plan"  is for single individual and includes Zeiss!

If you select a top end Zeiss in a genuine buffalo horn frame you can expect to pay $2000, go find a shop that has high end horn and Zeiss and find out for yourself.

These packages are an amazing savings and how we do this is low mark up by eliminating the middlemen being sales reps, outside lens labs, and optical retail mark ups which is on average X4.

We purchase Zeiss currently DIRECTLY from their Guangzhou China manufacturing plant, not via distributors that mark this product up.

That's right, the top German lens company produces in CHINA!

Again, what sets our insurance packages above and beyond insurance companies packages is WE WILL SERVICE YOUR EYEWEAR AT NO CHARGE AND MAKE SURE IT IS FUNCTIONING HOW YOU NEED IT TO BE!

On top of that, if you do change jobs or lose your job, you still have frame/lens hardware coverage via JuMo Eyewear and we will make sure you are not without glasses.

With other policies, if you break it, lose it, it gets stolen, YOU ARE S.O.L. and your insurance is NOT going to replace it.  We will.

Selection for Insurances via JuMo is any style on our website for family plan, the individual/personal plan includes custom/bespoke frames!!!

Contact us for plans catered to the needs of your business!



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