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Thank you for considering boosting or purchasing our Endo Exo Brand on Indiegogo now.

Endo Exo Eyewear

1. Helps the planet with its 50% lower energy consumption and sustainable "parts" system

2. Benefits the wearer by being easily interchanged, repaired, upgraded, and much more in a multitude of materials!


We bring custom costs to a fair range because we are the workshop designing & building your eyeglasses frames!

Having direct access to a designer at the factory is just one of the many unique services we will be offering as we go up against Warby Parker, Coastal, and other more developed online eyeglasses companies.

Please take some time to view some of our brands besides Endo Exo, see what is in the works, and what other great services only found here at JuMo

JuMo brings transparency + accessibility and with us that usually leads to creativity!

Visit Design Club tab above, we can make a range of items or offer prototyping services at fair prices.

What can we build for you?

Endo Exo


Plastic W/Wood Temples


NEX 3 Series

"Genuine Horn"

Endo Exo Art Wear


"Genuine Horn"


Carbon Fiber


NEX3 Series

"Genuine Camel Bone"


338 3rd Floor Guanwen Rd.

Wen Tong, Dongcheng District

Dongguan City

Guangdong Province, 523121


86+769-2311-2851 (Facility)

86+18122928548 (Justin Direct Cn Mobile)

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