Mon Von Eyewear

Hand Made Natural Material Eyewear

Buffalo Horn, Goat Horn, Wood, Antler, Bone,

and much more!

Starting @ $229 with Lenses, case, & cloth included

Any of our frames listed can be customized, laser engraved, and much more.  See our swag page for options, colors available and much more!

Visit the dedicated Mon Von Site

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Mon Von Eyewear

Mon Von genuine buffalo horn of $250 value include a lens upgrade to 1.61 High index, free of charge which makes this a very affordable high quality product.  You will pay much more than that for inferior quality eyewear in PLASTIC!!!

Stop in your local retail or shop online, COMPARE OUR PRICES!

We are the factory making this eyewear, we eliminate many fees that drive the costs of all eyewear products way way up.

1.  Retail Mark Up - Typically X3 - X5 of wholesale cost!

                            2.  Frame Sales Persons Commission (that sells to the optical shop) - 20% of wholesale cost!


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