Traveling Eye Doctor

A - Zeiss Autorefractor HARK, also known as "doctor in the box" within the industry.  This unit has effective "children's targets" and kids are a big priority for us as Lions Club type donation dispersal is not as effective with donations of kids eyewear.

B - Patterless lens edger.

C - Lens Blocker, used to attach small block that holds lens in the edger.

D - Lensometer, used to check power and accuracy of lens cut.

E - Heat pan for mounting lenses and adjusting the frame.

F - Work station for mounting lenses and working with frame.

G - Wash room

H - Sleeping quarter

I  - Cockpit

TED has everything to check eyes for the Rx, pick out a frame, cut the lenses, check the Rx, and sleeping quarters for the technician.  It sleeps 2 as 1 may be translation assistant depending on where this would be operating.

TED would be built into a heavy duty vehicle capable of accessing difficult regions where this service is most needed.

Unlike Lions Club donations, TED provides a more exact Rx for those in need.  Lions Club goes on a "as close as possible" basis, where TED, for about 2 USD, per pair with lenses gives an accurate pair of eyeglasses though we will work directly with Lion's Club and other similar charities to aid in supply of eyewear packages.  This is due to our extremely strong product sourcing capabilities and in depth knowledge of China productions in this class of products.

Yes, that's right, 2 Usd.  Factories always have frames that have a slight flaw in paint, dent in plastic, and other issues that make it unable to be sold but still perfectly wearable and reliable.  CR-39 lenses purchased from a lens manufacturer start at less than 1 Usd per pair for grade A. 

JuMo Eyewear would support this from company profits.

What goes off in a lot of peoples minds here is the question "why do I pay so much at my local optical shop then?" and that has a simple answer.  Branding, middlemen, sales reps, mark ups.  We buy at the manufacturer level before costs get added and we buy from the very same manufacturers that top well known brands do as well.

For more info on the lens industry have a look at our lens page!



We have this and many other charitable goals in our sites.  Vitamin A deficiency and other causes of blindness are foremost and other causes are high on our list. 


We hope we can make a difference for those in need both in America and also worldwide and we urge our clients and crowdfunding backers to email us with their comments and ideas on what YOU want to see added to our charitable causes.

If you know of a family in need near you, that is even a great place to start helping locally!

Contact Justin directly @

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1 in 4 children have undetected vision issues in America – in developing countries, it’s 1 in 3.

700 million people worldwide need eyeglasses but do not have access to them.

We'd love to see T.E.D. in every country that needs it!


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